How To Improve Writing Discipline And Focus

How to improve writing discipline and focus Storytelling is a gift that every human being naturally possesses. However, some individuals transform their love of stories and answer the artistic call to become a writer. The creative outlet of writing allows you to expand your horizons and bring unique concepts to life. It’s also a skill […]

How To Use A Writing Journal To Generate Ideas

How to use a writing journal to generate ideas Journal writing can be the tool you have been looking for to help you break through a creative rut and generate successful ideas. One of the most frustrating parts of trying to keep track of ideas and thoughts you have is recalling them later when you […]

Are You Using Commas Properly?

Are YOU Using Commas Properly? Find Out with Our 4 Quick Punctuation Tips! You may be surprised to learn that even the best writers sometimes struggle with proper grammar, including using commas. Don’t feel alone if you are struggling with when and when not to use a comma. The key is that you’re on track […]

Journaling Your Book To Completion

Journaling Your Book To Completion  Writers have long used journal writing as a way to organize their thoughts and take their ideas from concept to completion. The writer’s brain works by making connections to past events, present observations, and seemingly unrelated topics, and there’s no better way to make sense of these connections than by […]

Is Writing A Skill Or An Art Form?

Is Writing A Skill Or An Art Form? I Will Leave That For You Too Decide Is writing a skill, an act of artistic expression, or art? It is all three, to be honest with you. According to many, it is an expression that is developed much later in life than other forms of artistic […]

What is Gratitude Journaling and how to start using one

What Is Gratitude Journaling and How To Start Using One  Gratitude, what exactly is it? Many definition books and websites simply state it as a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. However, even if you aren’t too familiar with the concept, you know that it’s much more than that. Gratitude can be a feeling, as well. […]

The 10 Secrets To Writing Every Day

10 Secrets On How To Write Every Day Keeping a writing journal may spark memories of being a young kid and having a diary. Inside the diary, you may have written the latest schoolyard gossip, or perhaps just scribbled some mindless doodles. As you got older, the diary may have been abandoned as real life […]

The Writing Process: Plotters, Pantsers and Outlines. Oh My!

The Writing Process: Plotters, Pantsers, and Hybrid Writers You know you want to write a novel. It’s been on your bucket list for years — and this year, you made it a New Year’s resolution. You’ve read everything there is to read on story writing 101 and the writing process, you’ve read enough writing tips […]

How To Use A Journal To Relieve Stress

How To Use A Journal To Relieve Stress Journal writing is therapy. It’s one of the best ways to clear my head after a long day. It helps me get my feelings on paper so I can feel better. A stress journal is one of the best ways you can focus on the positive things […]

8 Tips For Generating Short Story Ideas

8 Tips For Generating Short Story Ideas Short stories are the building blocks of great writing. Many great writers, from Ernest Hemingway to Stephen King, got their start writing and publishing short stories. But for the beginning writer or even a writer with slightly more experience, short story writing can be a daunting task. For […]