Top 10 Writers Productivity Tips For Any Writer

While I’m sure many of you have set new writing goals for the new year, have you figured out just how you plan on accomplishing them? Probably not, so I thought I’d write a brief description on writers productivity tips to use when shooting for your new writing goals. Why Have A Productivity Plan Having […]

It’s Word Nerd Day, Lets Celebrate

Let’s have some fun today, let’s celebrate Word Nerd Day.     January 9th, is Word Nerd Day, a day to celebrate your inner nerd.   History of Word Nerd Day It is unknown who started this great annual celebration of those who love words, but my Google research 🙂 shows that the first occurrence […]

My New Years Goals (writers goals and more)

Why Set Goals? First, let me explain why I find goal setting useful. Goals give focus to a desired outcome. Goals help me plan my time. Goals give me a feeling of accomplishment. As an example, one of my reoccurring writers goals is to write more. Goals need to be specific and time-bound so, I’ll […]

What Makes A Great Journal?

   While writing journals come in many shapes and sizes, here are the characteristics that you should consider before purchasing your next journal.   General Characteristics What size do you want? There are trade-offs as your journal sizes go from small to large. Small – (Usually 2-4 inch wide by 3-6 inch high) Pros – […]

Is Journal Writing Effective?

So, is journal writing effective? As I discussed in a previous post, there are many ways to use a writing journal. Here is a recap of my Top 10 uses: Idea creation Story outlining Mind mapping Writing practice Ongoing to-do list Diary/Journal of your creative process Planning and goal setting Improve your focus Increasing your […]

The Top 10 Uses For A Journal

Why write in a journal? Writing in a journal allows you to quickly get your thoughts down on paper and then quickly move on. The process of applying pen to paper when brainstorming is invaluable. It allows for a speedier transferring of your ideas and enables you to proceed with your creative flow unhindered. Journals also improve mental […]

Writing prompts, what are they, and how do I use them?

The story (sort of) I was bleary-eyed and choking on the remaining dust that was still lingering in the air. I was still confused, and I also neglected to look up when I exited what remained of my unstable apartment building. Fifty feet or so above the entrance, the last remaining roof turret on the […]

Welcome to Love To Write – A Writer’s Blog

Welcome the The Amazing Office Facebook page. We are a small company that is firmly committed to providing writers with high quality, unique journals and notebooks. We are also committed to providing inspiration and motivation to writers. Especially writers that prefer the pleasure of hand writing on paper. This is the first in a series […]