How to Improve Your Writing by Using a Writing Journal

How to Improve Your Writing by Using a Writing Journal If you are looking to grow your writing skills, one of the tools you may not have thought to utilize is a writing journal. Journaling can be used for personal, as well as professional, growth, and can help advance your writing skillset. Journaling allows for […]

How To Start Writing Fiction

Fiction writing is difficult, but fun. But, how do you start writing fiction when you have little to no experience.   Great question!   As with any new endeavor, the act of writing fiction can be daunting. Some questions you may have are: What is fiction writing? Why should I write fiction? How do I […]

National Write Your Story Day

National Write Your Story Day, celebrated on March 14th, is a day for everyone to write down their story. The History Of National Write Your Story Day   National Write Your Story Day was started in September 2017 by Mitzy of Mitzy TV.   Mitzy is an author and artist originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and […]

National Read Across America Day

March 2nd is National Read Across America Day, let’s celebrate!   The History Of National Read Across America Day   The National Education Association started National Read Across America Day in 1997 by the National Education Association (NEA).   This holiday occurs every March 2nd, and its date coincides with the famous Dr. Seuss’s birthday.   […]

Writing Prompt – You Find A New Door …

A writing prompt can be fun and productive. Today I’m going to keep it simple.   You may remember the productivity tips from my earlier post 10 Productivity Tips For Any Writer. Well, one bonus tip I should have added was to write from a writing prompt regularly. Why, because writing to an idea that […]

Writing Tips – Gary Provost On Sentence Structure

Writing Tips – Gary Provost and Sentence Structure I was searching online for writing tips the other day and found that someone on Reddit received an email from Amazon that had filler text that was quite interesting and useful. You can find it here. It is truly an inspiring read, and here it is in […]

How To Write A Love Letter

I wanted to write a love letter and with Valentines’ Day fast approaching, I decided to write one. I’ll share what I’ve learned about writing a love letter here. The History Of The Love Letter According to Wikipedia, the oldest love letter is The Love Song for Shu-Sin. The Love Song for Shu-Sin is addressed […]

25 Reasons Fiction Writing Is Better Than Sex

Here are 25 Reasons Fiction Writing Is Better Than Sex   25 Reasons Fiction Writing Is Better Than Sex Fiction writing doesn’t usually get you sweaty. You don’t have to get naked to write (you can, but you don’t have to). No one cries after writing (usually). You’ll never regret a one-night-stand with your writing […]

Haiku Poems, History and Examples

Hi Everyone,   Haiku poems and Haiku poetry are today’s focus because February is Haiku Writing Month. Haiku Writing Month is a great time to explore the world of Haiku poems and Haiku history.   What Is Haiku Writing Month?   Haiku Writing Month or #NaHaiWriMo was created in 2010 by Michael Dylan Welch, and […]

Lets Celebrate National Handwriting Day!

National Handwriting Day is January 23rd, let’s celebrate! The History of National Handwriting Day The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) started National Handwriting Day back in 1977. This writer’s holiday occurs every January 23rd, and its date coincides with John Hancock’s birthday. Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. The Purpose of […]